hello, buffalo!

we don’t play favourites here at the bootleg saint. you know that, right? there are no favourites. i love every one of you exactly the same.

except the people in buffalo.

i might love the devoted, hardcore SRB fans of buffalo justslightly more than everybody else. because the good folks of buffalo do not mess around when it comes to their beloved sam roberts band. they are loud and loyal and my kinda people for sure.

when the lo-fantasy tour kicked off, buffalo fans used social media to politely request a show – repeatedly. for days. when the show wasn’t immediately announced, the tweets got serious. give us our tour date now, they said, and nobody gets hurt. (maybe i added that last part myself).

it isn’t a one-sided love affair, either. everybody knows the srb loves buffalo as much as buffalo loves the SRB. according to sam, buffalo is one of their favourite places to play.

ask and you’ll receive: the SRB is playing a canalside show this thursday before heading to the wyep music festival in pittsburgh on saturday. the buffalo show is free, but $40 VIP tickets include unlimited beer AND all-important front of the stage access. (pssst . . .  you should go for this option. it seems like a good deal to me).

alternative buffalo is gushing and glowing about the srb’s show this week. they’re giving altfamily members the chance to win their way into an acoustic show and meet and greet. listen to alternative buffalo to find out how you can win.

when i’m not freaking out ’cause we were born in a flame turns eleven this summer, or nuge released his own ep last summer, i’m checking out serious stuff called analytics. according to the pie charts and fancy graphs behind the scenes, we’ve got traffic from the empire state. it is definitely a good day in the world of sam roberts band fan blogs when you’ve reached buffalo and the SRB’s stronghold in the east.

albany isn’t buffalo, exactly. or at all, really –  it’s about five hours away – but the sam roberts band played the hollow in albany back in may, and it looked like one helluva good time. 

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