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sam shoots and scores at juno cup 2015


(welcome to really rad juno coverage, sports fans, all thanks to shannon daggett – aka @writegirl17. shannon is a girl after my own heart – she went to juno cup in hamilton to cheer on the rockers, and our MVP – lucky number 14 – sam roberts. if you missed the game, no worries –  here’s the highlight reel, courtesy of our resident sports reporter-photographer – thanks so much, shannon!) 

Last Friday I had the distinct pleasure of attending the 2015 #JunoCup in Hamilton. A charity event which pits former pro-hockey players such as Wendel Clark, Rick Vaive, and Gary Roberts against The Rockers including Chris Crippin from @Hedleyonline, Jon Gallant from @BillyTalentband, and – your favourite and mine – #14 Sam Roberts from @SamRobertsBand

This was my first time at any Junos event and I was impressed by the number of Rockers vs NHL Greats (31-12), and by the number of fans in the crowd. As a hockey fan (what true Canadian isn’t?), I was expecting a good time but I was really impressed with how much fun this event was. I’ve seen my fair share of live pro hockey games and the Greats still had “it”. They skate like they’re floating over the ice and instinctively know where their fellow players are and where the pucks coming from Intermission brought some fun little skill games and then the second half brought out why I was there: Sam.

I’m pretty late to the SRB phenomenon, not sure why but likely because I was stuck in SesameStreet/Dora/Disneyland while I raised my own two children, and various others between 2001 and today. However, better late than never and since last year my SRB obsession has taken over my Ipod, truck radio and Pinterest page. My husband has acknowledged my addiction and presented me with four tickets to the Sam Roberts Band concert in Buffalo for my birthday with the instructions to take three friends for a SR Girls Weekend. Best. Gift. Evah. Also, best concert I’ve ever been to (and I’ve seen SRB before that).

But I digress. I ended up at the Juno Cup as part of a Juno’s weekend that started off with @22crusher saying I should volunteer as a seat filler, and btw did I know that SRB was going to be at the Junos? Um, I’m in. A friend helps you hide a body; a best friend gets you tickets to the Juno Cup so you can cheer on your singing hero.

@10kmom comes with to support her Jim Cuddy addiction and we somehow choose seats right where the players are coming onto the ice. As I realize this and see Sam’s a mere 6 feet away from me, I turn into a screaming teenage girl (inside) and have to mentally restrain myself from leaping over the small wall screaming “I love you, sing Uprising Down Under to me right now!!”

Instead I distract myself by taking photos of him waiting to play in the second half:





Who knew Sam Roberts was such an amazing skater? He obviously has skill, and loves to play. He’s able to keep up with the alumni and has a fierce competitive streak (as evidenced by the fact he was in the middle of the action during every shift).

I thoroughly enjoyed the night and had some luck with the camera. I was able to print off some of my better shots and present them to him at #JunoFanFare the next day as a memory, and got a special 8 x10 original picture signed by Sam.

The first step is admitting you have a problem. I’d go watch @samrobertsband open an envelope, but a hockey game? Hells yeah!!

Thanks to thebootlegsaint for liking my photos, and offering me the chance to share my thoughts on #Junocup and our mutual affection for @SamRobertsBand

Keep Chasing the Light!

(thanks SO MUCH for sharing your experience and awesome photos, shannon! now go check out Shannon’s blog, you guys  – http://expresscheckout8.blogspot.ca/  – she says she just might update it, BUT even if she does not, you can read all about why she loves the SRB, and those kinda stories are my favourite. And follow her on Twitter, too – she’s fun, and super loves the SRB  – it’s @writegirl17). 

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