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#tbt: inside your threads with sam in mexico

if the sam roberts band wore a uniform, it’d be a canadian tuxedo. obviously. this is a no-brainer.

if you watch this borderline related, kinda relevant (stay with me, folks) clip of sam and dave’s visit to toronto’s indie 88, sam declares their devotion to denim near the end, and dave is appropriately head-to-toe. 

let’s throwback to 2004, when sam went to mexico with muchmusic to film the documentary ‘inside your threads’ to help raise awareness about the conditions in sweatshops, and the lives of people who work endless hours making jeans for north american consumers.

if i wore a uniform, it would be an SRB t-shirt. exactly one-half of my closet is SRB t-shirts. (the other half, non-SRB band t-shirts). an SRB t-shirt paired with a cardigan is office wear, and don’ t let anyone tell you otherwise.

if you were wondering . . .  the last SRB t-shirt i added to my collection is american apparel. this is cool because a) american apparel brand t’s are easily the most awesome of all the band t’s, and b) no sweatshops.

‘inside your threads’ also features jully black and hawksley workman. the soundtrack features ‘no sleep’ and ‘the canadian dream,’ and you can stream the whole documentary right here.

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