happy sam roberts band weekend in toronto!

it’s the second day of the SRB olympics, and i already have a sports-related injury.

i have repetitive strain disorder in my twitter thumb. in other news, i am way too overstimulated.

the official spearhead beer launch is this afternoon. the internet says there’s still tickets available, and the internet is seriously drunk with love over the beer. it’s endless likes and retweets for the SRB’s collaboration with spearhead brewery. if we’re voting for best idea in the history of the world, the SRB session ale is probably gonna win. 

cheers and gold medals all ’round for yesterday’s visit to cbc radio q. the SRB and studio q on a friday morning is a sure thing. you are one-hundred-percent guaranteed a flawless interview . . . 

and performance . . .  

speaking of victory . . . . happy mmva eve, friends! three (3) nominations. one (1) performance. that party is tomorrow. first there’s the second of two sold-out nights at jackson-triggs winery. if you’re going and want to make me super jeal, send me your pics and reviews – i’d love to post them here.

i’m gonna go ice my thumb now with a beer that isn’t a session ale, because my life is hard sometimes. until we meet again, here’s one of my absolute all-time favourite performances of brother down just because.

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