sold out! the SRB’s first night in alberta

SRB at the jube in edmonton - november 15, 2014

the sam roberts band sold out the jubilee in edmonton last night.

WARNING: this is just a teaser post. hang tight – full alberta coverage including my pre-show chat with sam is on the way. until then, here’s last night’s set list:

Sam Roberts Band Setlist Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium, Edmonton, AB, Canada 2014

i’ve never used the word ‘epic’ before, but an hour with sam roberts – THE sam roberts –  talking about everything from his daughter’s pet frogs to spotify to that time he saw morrissey in spain is pretty damn epic. it’s all i’m gonna talk about for the rest of my life.

speaking of things i love to talk about, we’ll cover the bold fashion choices of one mr. james hall some day here at the bootleg saint. he wore a kimono last night. obviously, the post will require much research and careful consideration. you can’t rush into things if a guy’s gonna wear a kimono. you’ve gotta do the kimono justice.

james hall in edmonton

sometimes, i forget it’s the official lo-fantasy tour, versus the kee, or a festival, or a bar, and i forget there’s going to be this huge flashy rock spectacle. endless props to Team SRB and their lighting guru ian mcdonald. how crazy impressive are those lights, tho?  seriously.

i see more and more girls crying at SRB shows, and i love these girls so, so much. like, if sam shakes your hand, and you start to cry? i. can’t. even. holy beatlemania. you steal my heart every time.

the only thing better than live SRB is live SRB with your friends – super happy our friends steve and rindi could come with last night, and big thanks to rindi for taking the rad photo at the top of this post.

i’ve gotta go now, ’cause calgary is a few hours away, and rock and roll doesn’t wait for anybody. brace yourselves, calgary. tonight we sing and dance and it will be glorious.

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6 thoughts on “sold out! the SRB’s first night in alberta

  1. Dennis Summerville

    We too had the pleasure of meeting Sam and the band! It was after the show at the Grog Shop in Cleveland. Sam is a true class act, and he did make us feel as though it was his pleasure to meet us, we were awestruck! All the band mates are just as amazing and gentlemanly. They will always have our deepest respect as amazing musicians and genuine individuals.

    1. annie Post author

      i would love to see a show at the grog shop, dennis! it’s definitely on my SRB bucket list. (i’ve also gotta figure out how to get to buffalo some day . . . ). i’m always blown away by the SRB on stage and off. they’re as crazy humble as they are crazy talented, and it always blows my mind. a class act for sure! :) thanks for your comment!

  2. Annette Desgagne

    I have to agree with you!!! I had the honor of meeting Sam Roberts after Performance in the Park in Banff…what a stellar gentleman! He made our family feel like it was HIS honor to meet us!! He does have that effect on women, after meeting him, walking away from him all of a sudden my knees got weak and I told my husband I felt like I was going to fall/faint…it was just surreal! My brother in law told me to start taking deep breaths…I just couldn’t believe I had met such an amazing person! We were fortunate to be in the centre front for this concert and enjoy his performance up close.

    1. annie Post author

      performance in the park was a great show, annettte! rainy but super fun! whatta great comment!! you’re so right – sam is a stellar gentleman. they’re all so super humble and kind, it’s kinda hard not to love the SRB. (ps: sam gave me his guitar pic once, and i almost passed out. true story). thanks so much for your comment! :))


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