Sam Roberts Band’s NEW ALBUM TerraForm is coming October 28th!

Behold! This is the cover of TerraForm, the long-awaited seventh album from SAM ROBERTS BAND.

Sam Roberts Band Terraform

STOP YOUR LIFE, and go pre-order this record right now. You’ll get TerraForm the title track, and it’s just the most beautiful wall of sound ever. We’ve got a release date – October 28th –  we’ve got the title track, and we’ve got this track listing  . . .

1. TerraForm
3. If You Want It
4. Black Spark
5. Roll With The Spirits
6. Ritual Dance
7. Tourist Trap
8. Rogue Empire
9. Lake Effect
10. The House Inside
11. Spring Fever

Beyond the amazing news of a beautifully official release date and a gorgeous new song, we’ve also got NEW TOUR DATES – SRB is bringing their flawless live game and NEW RECORD to eleven cities across Quebec, Atlantic Canada (with Adam Baldwin!), and the Eastern US in November, and tickets are ON SALE NOW. (Check the band’s FB for the most complete listings, including the American dates).

We don’t know much about TerraForm yet, but here’s what Sam said in the Universal press release:

“Terraforming is the concept going to another planet and making it viable and livable for humans.  But in a sense, for this record it can be seen as planting the seeds for that sort renewal in your own life – that regardless how much you have broken the parts your life along the way, there is always a chance to start over.”

And here’s what he told  The Leader-Post before the band’s triumphant return to Regina Folk Fest in July:

“In terms of this record, like the nature of it, I really think that it’s very much an album and not just a collection of songs. It’s meant to be listened to from start to finish. I think in some ways, part of the inspiration behind it, was to make a bit of a musical journey in a way — something that would induce a state of mind that you occupy for the duration of the album — I hope that people hear it and listen to it in that way.” 

TerraForm the title track is THE perfect start to any musical journey, and a start-to-finish listen is exactly how I’d describe my very, very most favourite SRB album Chemical City.

Now go pre-order TerraForm the album, because TerraForm the song will blow your mind and steal your heart all at the same time. If you haven’t heard this song yet, brace yourself.

And if you haven’t seen the TerraForm merchandise yet, then you better sit down.

There’s two (2) limited edition records – a glow-in-the-dark limited press from, and there’s also a translucent splatter limited press from Paper Bag Records. Only 500 of each record will be available – unless you enjoy hunting limited edition vinyl down when it’s nearly impossible to find (trust me – you do not), your best bet is ordering right now before everything sells out.

There’s a box set and a t-shirt and a signed guitar and a lithograph and it’s enough to satisfy even the most raging of SRB addictions, including my own. All this fun stuff is available on the band’s website.

Perhaps most importantly, all this delicious pre-order swag comes with a pre-sale access code for tickets to select dates on SRB’s upcoming TerraForm tour, and this will come in handy later.

TerraForm is available October 28, and the tour kicks off November 2 in Sherbrooke, Quebec.

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