Serious question: How soon is too soon to go crazy about this? Maybe even download an app to start counting the days? Is it too soon? I don’t think so. There’s enough Likes out there to establish we’re already all excited, and our beloved Sam Roberts Band have only just started recording.

If we’re a week or two into things, do we start throwing the term “recorded” around? How does that process work, exactly? Do verb tenses matter? Does anything matter? It doesn’t really, does it? Nothing matters except the glorious news SAM ROBERTS BAND IS RECORDING A NEW ALBUM.

I’m sorry for that bad Counting the Days joke I just made. If we’re being honest, I also throw Sam’s lyrics into errryday conversation so people think I’m smarter than I actually am. They’re always like, “You’re right, Annie – time IS a slippery fish now,” and I’m all like, “I know, right!?”

More confessions – I realize I dropped off the face of the Earth, guys, and I’m sorry. It’s a long story, and completely unrelated to our beloved SRB, so who cares, really? We’ve already figured out the only thing that matters here: SAM ROBERTS BAND IS RECORDING A NEW ALBUM.

Exactly everything we know: 

SRB is recording their new album at The Bathouse Studio, a two-hundred-year-old(ish) coachhouse-turned-recording-studio, owned by The Tragically Hip just outside Kingston, Ontario. Sometimes old houses are cold, so that’s probably why Sam is wearing a poncho, and most photos are all plaid and hoodies and jackets.

Graham Walsh is producing SRB’s new album. If you’re into electronica, you might already know Graham from the band Holy Fuck. They’ve got a new release coming out in May. And y’know The Great Detachment? That new Wintersleep record everyone loves? He worked on that one, too.  Other names we could drop right now include Alvvays, Viet Cong, Rich Aucoin, and Lights.

You can know stuff and creep SRB at The Bathouse in somewhat real-time, if you follow both their Twitter AND Instagram accounts. (Josh’s, too – he’s thoughtfully geared up a drum cam for us and everything).

In 2004, the SRB recorded some Chemical City demos at the Hip’s studio, and everybody knows Chemical City is The Opus.  I spend an excessive – perhaps slightly even obsessive – amount of time thinking about these kinda things, and I can’t dream up a better possible start to the new record than ponchos in Kingston. Here’s all we’ve got right now, friends. It’s early days, and the video is just a few seconds, but it’s obvious something beautiful is surfacing at The Bathouse.

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  1. Marni

    It was a happy day for me when that first post came announcing SRB was in the studio! Even thinking about trying to make the pilgrimage to Bala this year. Glad to see you’re back on line

    1. annie Post author

      Marni! If you can make the pilgrimage, do it! Such an amazing trip! So worthwhile! You’ll absolutely love it, and I really hope you go! :)))


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