mind flood monday: september 29, 2014

brace yourselves – things are about to get real here at the bootleg saint.

it’s about darn time this blog lived up to its name – or tagline, at least – and curated more sam roberts band content. welcome to mind flood monday! here’s what’s up: on mondays, i’ll post a list of some random SRB goodness i find online. the internet is a big place, and we need to keep track of the good stuff, so let’s do this!

1. t’other day, someone told me they’d never seen the sam roberts band’s audiotree performance, and i was like, whaaat? NO. WAY. cue the appropriate level of freak out, because that’s a travesty. i’ve been freaking out about this for months. the SRB’s audiotree session is so crisp and clear and beautiful, it’s just perfect. stop your life, watch these videos, then go to audiotree’s website and download the sesssion yourself, ’cause perfection can be yours for just six bucks.

2. toro magazine’s 2003 cover story “the believer” is everything. i have two (2) hard copies of the magazine, because what if i wear one out??! first-world problems scare me sometimes.  i’m not the only person who loves this issue of toro magazine, ’cause someone painted a portrait of sam on the cover. this photo is from the SRB’s facebook page. check out the painting above josh’s head . . . how crazy talented is that?!

toro cover painting

3. this interview is my raison d’etre. that’s french for “reason why i started this blog.” not this exact interview, but interviews exactly this awesome. published in the west island chronicle, the interviewer is huntley addie, the life guard at the pool where sam took swimming lessons as a kid. sam talks about his childhood, his friends, his family. if interviews came with soundtracks, this one would be every part of me for sure.

4. did you know the SRB play the garage in london, england tomorrow? are you going?! could you? because you should. i really hope you do. please take lots of pictures, and post them all over the internet, because i live for that kinda thing. if there’s a miracle, i’ll be there. if there is not a miracle (things are not looking miraculous right now), this solo-sam acoustic version of let it in, filmed during sam and dave’s trip to london last year, definitely helps soothe the pain. 

5. it took me two (2) days of pre-sale fails for edmonton and calgary lo-fantasy tickets. maybe i cried, maybe i didn’t – it’s all a blur of impossible captchas and seats i lost ’cause i couldn’t read those impossible captchas. finally – FINALLY – on the  day of regular ol’ general sales, i scored good seats. 

everybody in edmonton loves the SRB as much as i do, so it’s no surprise everybody wants the best seats in the house for the SRB’s first not-a-festival show in three (long) years. if you think this is crazy, you obviously weren’t at the northern jubilee for the SRB’s collider show.  gig city went and and freaked out about it, calling the october 2011 show “one of the most amazing shows of the year,” and i totally agree. from one of the most amazing shows of 2011, here’s taj mahal.

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