mind flood martes: october 7, 2014

hola amigos! bienvenidos a mindflood martes!

it’s mind flood monday on a tuesday, because let’s pretend we’re in spain with the sam roberts band. i dunno about you, but i could really use an imaginary european holiday with my bandas favoritas en la planeta right about now. mindflood monday is very real, just like spain’s love for our beloved SRB. hang tight, north america! the SRB and their magníficos conciertos will be back soon. until then, let’s mindflood martes, shall we?

1. confession: i internet with reckless abandon when it comes to the sam roberts band. i will punch my credit card number into anything anywhere if it means i can get something cool and SRB-related, like the SRB’s daytrotter sessions. daytrotter gushes over the SRB, paints pretty pictures of sam, and compares sam to paul mccartney AND bruce springsteen.  i love boss comparisons, but macca?! gah. it’s almost too much. before my heart explodes, you need to know there’s two SRB daytrotter sessions – the first is 2009, and it’s them kids, love at the end of the world, a most delightful cover of hawkwind’s hurry on sundown (!!!), and this version of detroit ’67 . . .

five years later, the SRB made a second trip to the daytrotter studio to record the an all lo-fantasy session, including angola, metal skin, we’re all in this together, and golden hour. if you’d like to listen to these sessions forever and ever, just pay the monthly membership of four bucks, and download them. i dig a lot of the bands daytrotter features, so i keep my daytrotter membership active. here’s golden hour. press play, turn it up, and go grab your visa, ‘kay?

2. speaking of lo-fantasy, let’s turn the clock back to february, because the birth of an album is a beautiful thing! so much promotion! so many livestreams! photos! interviews! even a reddit ask me anything! if you missed the live version of the SRB’s reddit ama in february, no worries – you can scroll all the SRB love right here


2a. if you wanna pause to quietly reflect upon how great everybody looks in the ama photo, please do – we can wait. take your time. how much do you love those faces, hey? so much.

3. this ottawa citizen interview with sam, published in april 2006, is exceptional. i almost wish we could fast forward to april to throw chemical city a birthday party, but then we’d miss the winter tour, and that’s just crazy talk.

4. the winter tour! the SRB love us so much they’re gonna cross the prairies in november, and that’s one helluva commute, even for one of the hardest working bands in the business.  it’s no secret i’m already head over heels in love with both alberta shows, and edmonton’s sonic 102.9 just fuels the fire. beyond keeping the SRB in regular rotation, there’s also commercials reminding me the SRB are coming to town, and snippets of sam and dave’s last sonic session. to keep us going for the next thirty-eight days, here’s minotaur (aka my second bandas favoritas en la planeta) and never enough, from the sonic listener lounge in edmonton.

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