mind flood mardi: november 4, 2014

welcome to mind flood mardi! that’s french for tuesday, and english for alliteration. don’t worry! ne t’inquiète pas!  it is just like mind flood monday, except it’s on a tuesday, so allons-y!

1.  you won’t convince me there’s anything better than a photo of the sam roberts band with a rescue dog . . . unless you can produce a photo of the SRB with TWO rescue dogs.  until then, here’s a photo of the guys with napa (the rescued mastiff from israel), and dog tales rescue and sanctuary founders rob scheinberg and danielle eden. the SRB played the luxury animal shelter’s grand opening last month in king city, ontario.

2. is november too soon to plan a spring sam-cation? i hope not, ’cause i actually started in october. the latest batch of just-announced lo-fantasy tour dates includes toronto and vancouver in february, and montreal in march. i could not resist two shows at the commodore in vancouver, mostly because it’s the SRB twice at the commodore in vancouver.  ticket details for all the SRB’s upcoming shows right here

3. d’ya ever miss a concert, and then you kick yourself making for poor life decisions? the SRB played the legion in tofino, bc in the summer of 2012 (the LEGION! in TOFINO!) that’s a lot of awesome crammed into one sentence. finding this random video of brother down from that night in tofino kinda made my day.

4. the SRB are heading back to minnesota in november for a show at st. paul’s turf club, and that’s the perfect reason to talk about their last trip to minnesota. the current profiled sam and his guitars – the lo-fantasy thurston moore edition jazzmaster and the ubiquitous gibson j45 – back in march, as part of their Guitar Collection series, and it’s probably one of the best things i’ve read about the SRB all year.

5. meanwhile in minnesota, i was so fascinated by sam’s scorecard for the current’s march music madness, it spent most of april as the wallpaper on my laptop. nirvana beat oasis – given sam’s love of brit-pop, that’s kinda mind blowing – and the smiths challenged the beatles for number one. the beatles won, and morrissey is slightly more miserable now. probably.

6. speaking of the beatles, magic on my mind appeared on war child canada’s help! a day in the life CD, but the song is NOT a beatles cover. i know this because the first time i heard it, i automatically i googled every possible variation of this question and i didn’t find any lennon or mccartney. i did find this version from sonic boom records in toronto with eric on the guitar, and that kinda rare gem wins the internet here at the bootleg saint. enjoy!

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