mind flood monday: november 24, 2014

welcome to the best mind flood monday post ever.

about a week ago, i sat down with sam roberts backstage at the jubilee in edmonton and we talked for about an hour. i know this is real, and isn’t some kinda  crazy dream or out-of-body experience, because i’ve transcribed the interview, and it is most definitely him.

photo credit: lisa mueller

photo credit: lisa mueller

we talked about a lot of stuff. i typed a lot of words. it’s like the gambler – there’s a lot of words before the chorus. rather than an opus Q & A, we need to break this down. it needs to be cohesive, like a setlist. i know way more about setlists after talking to sam.

this mindflood monday post is the mashable buzzfeed, because this is the internet. there must be a mashable buzzfeed or the internet will break, and it will be all my fault.

this post covers the SRB’s shows in edmonton and calgary. there’s pictures.

this post is actually about setlists. it’s lots of stuff sam said, and his gloriously wine-stained setlist from the turf club last week.

let’s mindflood monday, shall we?

1. i love – LOVE! – legends of the SRB as told by an actual real-life sam roberts. (i also think shaun majumder is really funny).  an SRB history lesson from sam himself is probably my favourite thing in the entire world. once, we talked about northstar. this time, we talked about brother down:

We would always go and get whoever knew the first thing about Photoshop to design an album cover.  so my cousin danielle duvall, who’s a musician in her own right. knew how to work a computer, and she would take photographs of us and cut them out. and my younger brother alister – if i was in my mid-twenties, he was in his mid-teens, so fourteen at the time. i’d go to my parents’, and play and sit there with alister, and he’d design the brother down ep.

if you’ve got a better image than twenty-something sam playing the guitar beside his brother who’s fourteen and designing the cover of the brother down ep, do NOT tell me unless you’ve got a defibrillator, because my heart will most definitely explode. i’m feeling kinda faint now, actually.

there’s lots more about brother down. there’s lots more about everything. obviously, this calls for a formal follow up to the mystery of the brother down ep post. it’s on the way. spoiler alert: sam keeps his copy of the brother down ep at home in a box. 

2.  i talked to sam about the smiths. sam loves the smiths. i also love the smiths. i’m pretty sure i read a list of sam’s favourite albums somewhere, and it included two by the smiths. i’ll ask the research department to find the link for us.

in october, sam (and dave) saw morrissey in spain.  sam liked it, the spaniards loved it, and morrissey’s voice is still strong after all these years. morrissey did not freak out and /or storm off, and no fans climbed on stage to hug him. i’ve never met a single person who’s seen morrissey live ever. how randomly rad the only morrissey concert review i’ll probably ever hear came from sam roberts.

according to my scientific calculations and mad internet creeper-y, this madrid show is probably the morrissey show sam and dave saw in spain . . .

3. sam doesn’t stream music. he listens to vinyl, and he doesn’t have subscriptions to anything like spotify.

4. his favourite game of thrones character is tyrion. he also likes the hound. sansa is growing on him, tho.

5. if you’ve ever wondered why sam is so darn nice to fans all the time, he says it’s all down to the tragically hip:

“i learned a great deal from watching the hip on that first tour. i would tiptoe into one of their meet and greets or post-show parties, and they’d always come up to me and say come hang out. i learned a lot about what the people who come to see you deserve of you. i enjoy making people happy, and i appreciate the fact that our band and our music is meaningful to them, and it’s made a place for itself in their lives. i need a certain amount of the day for myself and i give the rest away, just like everybody else. i like meeting people. i like talking to them, and making the experience fuller for them. i’m just lucky i do this. the number of hours i’m on the clock working is relatively few. i have time.”

6.  if you were looking for an opus Q & A, matthew ritchie hit ‘er out of the park back in march with this exclaim.ca feature interview to celebrate the release of lo-fantasy.

7. i checked on sam’s daughters’ frogs for matthew – both frogs are alive and well in montreal.

8. if you’d like to hear more details of my chat with sam, just come back and hang out again, ‘kay? because i can play this game all day.


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