mind flood monday: january 26, 2015

soooooo! you guys! let’s pick up exactly where we left off, because the sam roberts band’s lo-fantasy tour is BACK on the road next week, and they’re gonna rock your winter blues away with two (2) SOLD OUT shows at buffalo’s town ballroom with JULY TALK. i’m not sure what’s better than a weekend of the SRB and julk talk, so i’m as jealous as ever, buffalo.

lo-fantasy tour 2014 and 2015

first things first, before i cry ’cause i’m forever missing cool stuff in buffalo,  there’s some serious business we’ve gotta address. there are super scary low-ticket warnings on the SRB’s ticketmaster page. the massey hall show on valentine’s day is almost sold out and there’s only single seats left.  if you wanted to chase massey hall with windsor, head’s up – another low-ticket alert for ceasar’s the next day.

on the other side of the country at the end of the month, there’s seats and GA tickets left at the interior savings centre in kamloops on february 26, BUT there’s a warning there’s only a few tickets left for friday’s show at the commodore in vancouver. saturday night at the commodore is already sold out. update! update! BOTH SRB shows at the commodore ballroom are now sold out! 

tickets are still available for the SRB’s hometown show march 7th at the metropolis, right before juno awards week starts a few days later.  the awards will be handed out march 15th in hamilton.

this year’s juno nominees will be announced tomorrow, and only a few performers have been announced to date, so how awesome would it be to see our beloved sam roberts band show up ALL over the place?!!? so very, very awesome. update! update! guess what!??! our beloved sam roberts band is nominated for two juno awards this year – single of the year for we’re all in this together, and rock album of the year for lo-fantasy. no word on a performance (yet). huge congrats and much love to the SRB! 

speaking of the SRB all over the place, OTTAWA! you LUCKY ducks! sam is hosting the NAC orchestra’s casual friday show next friday night – that’s january 30th – and he’s bringing his violin, apparently. it’s all in this metro article, and tickets start at just $25 bucks.

this violin business might seem random, but it’s totally not – sam is a classically trained violinist. he’s taken lessons from the same teacher since he was a kid, and these days, it’s sunday lessons with his daughters. behold! here’s an old tweet of sam from ottawa’s music and beyond festival in 2013, violin and everything.

if it seems like ottawa is kinda special when it comes to the SRB, that’s because ottawa IS kinda special when it comes to the SRB.  it goes all the way back to days of brother down, and those two ottawa radio stations who decided to take a chance on a couple of songs by some guy from montreal. the rest, as they say, is a throwback for thursday.

before we throw way, way back, let’s start this week by remembering the last time the SRB played massey hall in 2011 with some help from this awesome blog i found – www.bradferguson.ca

brad ferguson is a tour / production manager and live audio mixer/technician, says his twitter bio, and the list of clients on his blog reads is like my iTunes on shuffle:  the arkells, the sheepdogs, hey rosetta!, big wreck, mother mother, tokyo police club, and, of course, the sam roberts band. i bet he’s got some good stories.

he toured with the SRB in 2011 – the last time the SRB played massey hall – and wrote all about the massey hall shows on his blog. if you’re a super techy sound nerd, there’s a detailed post you’ll appreciate. if you’re just a fan – such a fan, even – who reads anything and everything SRB, but you aren’t exactly sure what a guy who “does the monitors” actually does, no worries – there’s a post for you, too.

brad also worked on the SRB’s 2012 canada day show in surrey, bc  – one of few almost-full-length SRB concert videos you’ll find on the entire internet, by the way – and the SRB’s 2011 canada day show in ottawa (with princess kate!), and it was the best canada day ever.

who can resist the SRB performing for royalty in their finest denim finery!? spoiler alert: i didn’t even try. i did, however, watch this video of ‘let it in’ a bunch of times before i read the background on brad’s blog. who knew an iPhone could sound this good? enjoy!

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