IF YOU WANT IT debuts on Apple Music’s Beats 1 radio TODAY!

The Sam Roberts Band is revealing their brand new jam IF YOU WANT IT to the whole entire world with Apple Music and Strombo today, and it’s all so perfectly perfect I can barely make my words.

This isn’t your standard episode of The Strombo Show. It isn’t even your standard, extra-special Canada Day episode of The Strombo Show. Today’s date with our boyfriend George starts off the first-ever Canadian takeover of Apple Music’s radio station Beats 1, and this takeover gloriously includes the debut of the long-awaited first single from #SRBLP6.

A debut on Beats 1 is a big deal because it means the SRB’s new single will be streamed to Apple Music listeners in more than a hundred countries around the world this weekend.

Takeover The New Canada Strombo If You Want It

It’s also the first of five Canadian takeovers set for Beats 1 on Saturdays in the month of July, all designed to share our best and brightest musical exports – like those national treasures the SRB, for example – with the rest of the world.

If you’re dying to hear IF YOU WANT IT, listen to Apple Music’s Beats 1 at 2pm EST / Noon MT today.

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