here, there, and everywhere with the SRB

hey lovelies!

happy sunday in the summer! are you on summer vacation? or better yet, a sam-cation? is there a patio and cold drinks? maybe some live music? i hope so, ’cause that’s what i want for you. 

this post is a hot mess – kinda here, there, and everywhere – just like weekends in the summer always seem to be. we haven’t talked in forever, and there is much to talk about, so let’s do this! 

#tbt! it’s a two #tbt week! #tbtx2 the first is right here – sam and justin timberlake (god bless you, internet) at SARSstock. here’s a second throwback, ’cause why the heck not?!  let’s throwback to sam’s 2004 trip to mexico with muchmusic to film a documentary on sweatshops. here’s a random screen grab of sam from director liz mars’ website. click here to stream the documentary and read more about his trip.


lemme tell ya, there’s a whole lotta SRB awesome on the ol’ internet. i made us this list of links. they’re fun and i like them. when i find more, you’ll be the first to know. 

so! folk fest in regina next week! then tumbler ridge! thank god, because i haven’t seen the SRB live in FOREVER, and i’m starting to get the shakes. if you see me, say hi! just look for the girl wearing the SRB shirt having THE best time ever, ’cause that’ll be me.


ps: this is what hometown heroes see when they play osheaga, courtesy of josh’s twitter. it’s getting lots of love right now. also, the SRB just hit fify thousand likes on facebook. congrats, the SRB!


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