happy sam roberts band weekend, vancouver!

sam roberts at the town ballroom in buffalo - via danielle fortier

is there anything better than brother down?

i’m gonna vote no. i’m also gonna vote on behalf of danielle fortier, who took this awesome photo at the town ballroom in buffalo. if you think brother down sounds best in your town, please – let’s debate. any and all nominations happily accepted. i can play this game for days.

the sam roberts band will most definitely play brother down at the interior saving center – they kick off their western winter tour in kamloops tonight – before SRB weekend starts at the commodore in vancouver, and there’s nothing (NOTHING) i love more than a good SRB weekend.

first, a brief recap of the last leg of the lo-fantasy tour – buffalo, toronto, and windsor. it’s brief mostly ’cause i wasn’t actually there, but let’s not get too bogged down with technicalities, because you guys are the absolute BEST, and sent me your rad stuff. i love rad stuff.

from buffalo, we’ve got both friday and saturday’s setlists from the town ballroom, and you can find those on the SRB setlist page. thank you, thank you, karen and charles!!  buffalo.fm captured this pretty darn great version of the SRB’s juno-nominated we’re all in this together and @cupioproabeo shared with me via the twitter machine . . .

the SRB sold out massey hall, and the photos and reviews are as lovely as you’d hope the photos and reviews from an SRB valentine’s day show would be, complete with roses on jean jacket lapels and a surprise backstage marriage proposal. you think of everything, SRB.

the next day in windsor, the world’s greatest sam roberts cover band, minotaur, played an acoustic set at dr. disc, and the SRB shook everybody’s hands and signed everybody’s stuff. it was like, minus fifty-ish that day in windsor (or something), and the place was STILL packed. iridium films captured everything right here . . .

that night, the SRB played caesar’s windsor, and social media raved about the show the next day. my sources – all reliable, i promise – tell me windsor was phenomenal, and if you need actual proof, here’s the windsor setlist. (ps: thanks so much for sending this, adam!)

caesars windsor, windsor, ON - 02.15.15 (via @adbail)

there’s just one east coast show left before juno week starts – the SRB hit the hometown ice march 7th at the metropolis.  beyond the two (2!) nominations – single of the year and rock album of the year – sam plays juno cup hockey friday, the band will sign your stuff at juno       fan fare saturday, and you can see them play the juno award show sunday night.

wow. whatta weekend. it’s like mmva weekend all over again, but we’ve substituted craft beer for hockey gear. if there’s anybody out there who’d like to actively juno-creep the SRB for me, please tell your people to call my people right away.

tonight, the SRB plays the interior savings centre in kamloops. there’s still tickets left. tomorrow, there’s a winners-only show at vancouver’s lift bar and grill, courtesy of cfox, then the first of two (2!) nights at the commodore, but before i actually get to vancouver (aka SRB show number twenty and twenty one, respectively), i’ve gotta confess something:

this blog is a total lie. it’s the bootleg saint, and it should be the bootlegsaintS, but there’s only one bootleg saint in chemical city, and we must always respect the creative genius of sam (always).  there’s two people behind this blog. first, in alphabetical order, there’s me. i’m annie.  i write posts and work the twitter. there’s also brock, who handles all things technical. if the site crashes and someone’s gotta call go daddy, it’s him. i freak out about juno nominations, session ale, and sam wearing hats. brock loses his mind over arpeggios and josh. we both know all the words to everything.

if you ask brock, he will tell you HE introduced ME to the sam roberts band, and he’s spread this vicious web of lies from coast to coast for over a decade now, mostly because he’s convinced himself it’s true. if you ask me, i’ll tell you the truth and swear on sam – i heard brother down first.

this weekend, we’re gonna bring our battle of alberta (girls vs. boys) to vancouver to settle the score once and for all. we’ve both prepared friday night setlists, and we’ll compare these setlists to sam’s friday night setlist. the person who gets the most songs correct is obviously the person who heard the SRB first, right? right.

i’m gonna channel sam now, tweak my setlist, and plan my victory party. the soundtrack? the inhuman condition, of course. here’s brother down – see you at the commodore, vancouver!

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3 thoughts on “happy sam roberts band weekend, vancouver!

  1. Denny Summerville

    Absolutely love the effort you and Brock put into spreading the news about what is arguably the best sound in today’s music. thank you again! Did meet karen21093 in Buffalo this year, hope to meet you too on eday!

  2. donna

    brother down is one of the few SRB songs that Sam ditches the guitar in favor of dancing his butt off and the lines ‘come on come on’ with his hands making up motions has been enough to get even the stodgiest sit down venue on their feet in an instant.. which is why often in a sit down theatre it makes an early appearance which i love.. did i mention its my favourite live song? :)

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