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IF YOU WANT IT debuts on Apple Music’s Beats 1 radio TODAY!

The Sam Roberts Band is revealing their brand new jam IF YOU WANT IT to the whole entire world with Apple Music and Strombo today, and it’s all so perfectly perfect I can barely make my words.

This isn’t your standard episode of The Strombo Show. It isn’t even your standard, extra-special Canada Day episode of The Strombo Show. Today’s date with our boyfriend George starts off the first-ever Canadian takeover of Apple Music’s radio station Beats 1, and this takeover gloriously includes the debut of the long-awaited first single from #SRBLP6.

A debut on Beats 1 is a big deal because it means the SRB’s new single will be streamed to Apple Music listeners in more than a hundred countries around the world this weekend.

Takeover The New Canada Strombo If You Want It

It’s also the first of five Canadian takeovers set for Beats 1 on Saturdays in the month of July, all designed to share our best and brightest musical exports – like those national treasures the SRB, for example – with the rest of the world.

If you’re dying to hear IF YOU WANT IT, listen to Apple Music’s Beats 1 at 2pm EST / Noon MT today.

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On The Run: Introducing The Sam Roberts Band Video Map

We plotted a couple hundred Sam Roberts Band live videos on a map, because why the heck not?

They’re a touring rock band, after all. What better way to track the comings and goings of our beloved SRB than with a map covering a healthy dose of their live shows over the years?

All these videos can be found on YouTube, but some require a deeper, more determined search than others.  Sometimes, the best videos have almost no views, and that’s just tragic. We’ve creeped (deep), and found some gems you might not have seen before, and some classics you’ve committed to memory for sure.

Just click the map below to get started. (It’s also a widget over there. See?)

Video Map

The only things you really need to know: The map is searchable – search Brother, you’ll get Brother Down. Search Grog Shop, you’ll go to Ohio. Zoom in, and you’ll narrow down your options. Click a numbered icon, and those videos will appear in the sidebar along the right.

Never enough: The live SRB videos on YouTube are almost endless, so there’s definitely more than a few missing here.  If you’ve filmed the SRB live in the flesh in your town, and uploaded said live, in the flesh performance to YouTube, just send the link and we’ll be sure to add.

The medium is definitely the message: In a testament to the time, we’ve included a few videos of the earliest of days we could find, when Eric played guitar and nobody wasted their time with haircuts. These videos are lo-def, high energy. Might I suggest On The Run at The Paradiso in Amsterdam? It is a delightful vintage, and you will not be disappointed. Promise.

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