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mind flood monday: january 26, 2015

soooooo! you guys! let’s pick up exactly where we left off, because the sam roberts band’s lo-fantasy tour is BACK on the road next week, and they’re gonna rock your winter blues away with two (2) SOLD OUT shows at buffalo’s town ballroom with JULY TALK. i’m not sure what’s better than a weekend of the SRB and julk talk, so i’m as jealous as ever, buffalo.

lo-fantasy tour 2014 and 2015

first things first, before i cry ’cause i’m forever missing cool stuff in buffalo,  there’s some serious business we’ve gotta address. there are super scary low-ticket warnings on the SRB’s ticketmaster page. the massey hall show on valentine’s day is almost sold out and there’s only single seats left.  if you wanted to chase massey hall with windsor, head’s up – another low-ticket alert for ceasar’s the next day.

on the other side of the country at the end of the month, there’s seats and GA tickets left at the interior savings centre in kamloops on february 26, BUT there’s a warning there’s only a few tickets left for friday’s show at the commodore in vancouver. saturday night at the commodore is already sold out. update! update! BOTH SRB shows at the commodore ballroom are now sold out! 

tickets are still available for the SRB’s hometown show march 7th at the metropolis, right before juno awards week starts a few days later.  the awards will be handed out march 15th in hamilton.

this year’s juno nominees will be announced tomorrow, and only a few performers have been announced to date, so how awesome would it be to see our beloved sam roberts band show up ALL over the place?!!? so very, very awesome. update! update! guess what!??! our beloved sam roberts band is nominated for two juno awards this year – single of the year for we’re all in this together, and rock album of the year for lo-fantasy. no word on a performance (yet). huge congrats and much love to the SRB! 

speaking of the SRB all over the place, OTTAWA! you LUCKY ducks! sam is hosting the NAC orchestra’s casual friday show next friday night – that’s january 30th – and he’s bringing his violin, apparently. it’s all in this metro article, and tickets start at just $25 bucks.

this violin business might seem random, but it’s totally not – sam is a classically trained violinist. he’s taken lessons from the same teacher since he was a kid, and these days, it’s sunday lessons with his daughters. behold! here’s an old tweet of sam from ottawa’s music and beyond festival in 2013, violin and everything.

if it seems like ottawa is kinda special when it comes to the SRB, that’s because ottawa IS kinda special when it comes to the SRB.  it goes all the way back to days of brother down, and those two ottawa radio stations who decided to take a chance on a couple of songs by some guy from montreal. the rest, as they say, is a throwback for thursday.

before we throw way, way back, let’s start this week by remembering the last time the SRB played massey hall in 2011 with some help from this awesome blog i found –

brad ferguson is a tour / production manager and live audio mixer/technician, says his twitter bio, and the list of clients on his blog reads is like my iTunes on shuffle:  the arkells, the sheepdogs, hey rosetta!, big wreck, mother mother, tokyo police club, and, of course, the sam roberts band. i bet he’s got some good stories.

he toured with the SRB in 2011 – the last time the SRB played massey hall – and wrote all about the massey hall shows on his blog. if you’re a super techy sound nerd, there’s a detailed post you’ll appreciate. if you’re just a fan – such a fan, even – who reads anything and everything SRB, but you aren’t exactly sure what a guy who “does the monitors” actually does, no worries – there’s a post for you, too.

brad also worked on the SRB’s 2012 canada day show in surrey, bc  – one of few almost-full-length SRB concert videos you’ll find on the entire internet, by the way – and the SRB’s 2011 canada day show in ottawa (with princess kate!), and it was the best canada day ever.

who can resist the SRB performing for royalty in their finest denim finery!? spoiler alert: i didn’t even try. i did, however, watch this video of ‘let it in’ a bunch of times before i read the background on brad’s blog. who knew an iPhone could sound this good? enjoy!

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mind flood monday: november 24, 2014

welcome to the best mind flood monday post ever.

about a week ago, i sat down with sam roberts backstage at the jubilee in edmonton and we talked for about an hour. i know this is real, and isn’t some kinda  crazy dream or out-of-body experience, because i’ve transcribed the interview, and it is most definitely him.

photo credit: lisa mueller

photo credit: lisa mueller

we talked about a lot of stuff. i typed a lot of words. it’s like the gambler – there’s a lot of words before the chorus. rather than an opus Q & A, we need to break this down. it needs to be cohesive, like a setlist. i know way more about setlists after talking to sam.

this mindflood monday post is the mashable buzzfeed, because this is the internet. there must be a mashable buzzfeed or the internet will break, and it will be all my fault.

this post covers the SRB’s shows in edmonton and calgary. there’s pictures.

this post is actually about setlists. it’s lots of stuff sam said, and his gloriously wine-stained setlist from the turf club last week.

let’s mindflood monday, shall we?

1. i love – LOVE! – legends of the SRB as told by an actual real-life sam roberts. (i also think shaun majumder is really funny).  an SRB history lesson from sam himself is probably my favourite thing in the entire world. once, we talked about northstar. this time, we talked about brother down:

We would always go and get whoever knew the first thing about Photoshop to design an album cover.  so my cousin danielle duvall, who’s a musician in her own right. knew how to work a computer, and she would take photographs of us and cut them out. and my younger brother alister – if i was in my mid-twenties, he was in his mid-teens, so fourteen at the time. i’d go to my parents’, and play and sit there with alister, and he’d design the brother down ep.

if you’ve got a better image than twenty-something sam playing the guitar beside his brother who’s fourteen and designing the cover of the brother down ep, do NOT tell me unless you’ve got a defibrillator, because my heart will most definitely explode. i’m feeling kinda faint now, actually.

there’s lots more about brother down. there’s lots more about everything. obviously, this calls for a formal follow up to the mystery of the brother down ep post. it’s on the way. spoiler alert: sam keeps his copy of the brother down ep at home in a box. 

2.  i talked to sam about the smiths. sam loves the smiths. i also love the smiths. i’m pretty sure i read a list of sam’s favourite albums somewhere, and it included two by the smiths. i’ll ask the research department to find the link for us.

in october, sam (and dave) saw morrissey in spain.  sam liked it, the spaniards loved it, and morrissey’s voice is still strong after all these years. morrissey did not freak out and /or storm off, and no fans climbed on stage to hug him. i’ve never met a single person who’s seen morrissey live ever. how randomly rad the only morrissey concert review i’ll probably ever hear came from sam roberts.

according to my scientific calculations and mad internet creeper-y, this madrid show is probably the morrissey show sam and dave saw in spain . . .

3. sam doesn’t stream music. he listens to vinyl, and he doesn’t have subscriptions to anything like spotify.

4. his favourite game of thrones character is tyrion. he also likes the hound. sansa is growing on him, tho.

5. if you’ve ever wondered why sam is so darn nice to fans all the time, he says it’s all down to the tragically hip:

“i learned a great deal from watching the hip on that first tour. i would tiptoe into one of their meet and greets or post-show parties, and they’d always come up to me and say come hang out. i learned a lot about what the people who come to see you deserve of you. i enjoy making people happy, and i appreciate the fact that our band and our music is meaningful to them, and it’s made a place for itself in their lives. i need a certain amount of the day for myself and i give the rest away, just like everybody else. i like meeting people. i like talking to them, and making the experience fuller for them. i’m just lucky i do this. the number of hours i’m on the clock working is relatively few. i have time.”

6.  if you were looking for an opus Q & A, matthew ritchie hit ‘er out of the park back in march with this feature interview to celebrate the release of lo-fantasy.

7. i checked on sam’s daughters’ frogs for matthew – both frogs are alive and well in montreal.

8. if you’d like to hear more details of my chat with sam, just come back and hang out again, ‘kay? because i can play this game all day.


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mind flood mardi: november 4, 2014

welcome to mind flood mardi! that’s french for tuesday, and english for alliteration. don’t worry! ne t’inquiète pas!  it is just like mind flood monday, except it’s on a tuesday, so allons-y!

1.  you won’t convince me there’s anything better than a photo of the sam roberts band with a rescue dog . . . unless you can produce a photo of the SRB with TWO rescue dogs.  until then, here’s a photo of the guys with napa (the rescued mastiff from israel), and dog tales rescue and sanctuary founders rob scheinberg and danielle eden. the SRB played the luxury animal shelter’s grand opening last month in king city, ontario.

2. is november too soon to plan a spring sam-cation? i hope not, ’cause i actually started in october. the latest batch of just-announced lo-fantasy tour dates includes toronto and vancouver in february, and montreal in march. i could not resist two shows at the commodore in vancouver, mostly because it’s the SRB twice at the commodore in vancouver.  ticket details for all the SRB’s upcoming shows right here

3. d’ya ever miss a concert, and then you kick yourself making for poor life decisions? the SRB played the legion in tofino, bc in the summer of 2012 (the LEGION! in TOFINO!) that’s a lot of awesome crammed into one sentence. finding this random video of brother down from that night in tofino kinda made my day.

4. the SRB are heading back to minnesota in november for a show at st. paul’s turf club, and that’s the perfect reason to talk about their last trip to minnesota. the current profiled sam and his guitars – the lo-fantasy thurston moore edition jazzmaster and the ubiquitous gibson j45 – back in march, as part of their Guitar Collection series, and it’s probably one of the best things i’ve read about the SRB all year.

5. meanwhile in minnesota, i was so fascinated by sam’s scorecard for the current’s march music madness, it spent most of april as the wallpaper on my laptop. nirvana beat oasis – given sam’s love of brit-pop, that’s kinda mind blowing – and the smiths challenged the beatles for number one. the beatles won, and morrissey is slightly more miserable now. probably.

6. speaking of the beatles, magic on my mind appeared on war child canada’s help! a day in the life CD, but the song is NOT a beatles cover. i know this because the first time i heard it, i automatically i googled every possible variation of this question and i didn’t find any lennon or mccartney. i did find this version from sonic boom records in toronto with eric on the guitar, and that kinda rare gem wins the internet here at the bootleg saint. enjoy!

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mind flood martes: october 7, 2014

hola amigos! bienvenidos a mindflood martes!

it’s mind flood monday on a tuesday, because let’s pretend we’re in spain with the sam roberts band. i dunno about you, but i could really use an imaginary european holiday with my bandas favoritas en la planeta right about now. mindflood monday is very real, just like spain’s love for our beloved SRB. hang tight, north america! the SRB and their magníficos conciertos will be back soon. until then, let’s mindflood martes, shall we?

1. confession: i internet with reckless abandon when it comes to the sam roberts band. i will punch my credit card number into anything anywhere if it means i can get something cool and SRB-related, like the SRB’s daytrotter sessions. daytrotter gushes over the SRB, paints pretty pictures of sam, and compares sam to paul mccartney AND bruce springsteen.  i love boss comparisons, but macca?! gah. it’s almost too much. before my heart explodes, you need to know there’s two SRB daytrotter sessions – the first is 2009, and it’s them kids, love at the end of the world, a most delightful cover of hawkwind’s hurry on sundown (!!!), and this version of detroit ’67 . . .

five years later, the SRB made a second trip to the daytrotter studio to record the an all lo-fantasy session, including angola, metal skin, we’re all in this together, and golden hour. if you’d like to listen to these sessions forever and ever, just pay the monthly membership of four bucks, and download them. i dig a lot of the bands daytrotter features, so i keep my daytrotter membership active. here’s golden hour. press play, turn it up, and go grab your visa, ‘kay?

2. speaking of lo-fantasy, let’s turn the clock back to february, because the birth of an album is a beautiful thing! so much promotion! so many livestreams! photos! interviews! even a reddit ask me anything! if you missed the live version of the SRB’s reddit ama in february, no worries – you can scroll all the SRB love right here


2a. if you wanna pause to quietly reflect upon how great everybody looks in the ama photo, please do – we can wait. take your time. how much do you love those faces, hey? so much.

3. this ottawa citizen interview with sam, published in april 2006, is exceptional. i almost wish we could fast forward to april to throw chemical city a birthday party, but then we’d miss the winter tour, and that’s just crazy talk.

4. the winter tour! the SRB love us so much they’re gonna cross the prairies in november, and that’s one helluva commute, even for one of the hardest working bands in the business.  it’s no secret i’m already head over heels in love with both alberta shows, and edmonton’s sonic 102.9 just fuels the fire. beyond keeping the SRB in regular rotation, there’s also commercials reminding me the SRB are coming to town, and snippets of sam and dave’s last sonic session. to keep us going for the next thirty-eight days, here’s minotaur (aka my second bandas favoritas en la planeta) and never enough, from the sonic listener lounge in edmonton.

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mind flood monday: september 29, 2014

brace yourselves – things are about to get real here at the bootleg saint.

it’s about darn time this blog lived up to its name – or tagline, at least – and curated more sam roberts band content. welcome to mind flood monday! here’s what’s up: on mondays, i’ll post a list of some random SRB goodness i find online. the internet is a big place, and we need to keep track of the good stuff, so let’s do this!

1. t’other day, someone told me they’d never seen the sam roberts band’s audiotree performance, and i was like, whaaat? NO. WAY. cue the appropriate level of freak out, because that’s a travesty. i’ve been freaking out about this for months. the SRB’s audiotree session is so crisp and clear and beautiful, it’s just perfect. stop your life, watch these videos, then go to audiotree’s website and download the sesssion yourself, ’cause perfection can be yours for just six bucks.

2. toro magazine’s 2003 cover story “the believer” is everything. i have two (2) hard copies of the magazine, because what if i wear one out??! first-world problems scare me sometimes.  i’m not the only person who loves this issue of toro magazine, ’cause someone painted a portrait of sam on the cover. this photo is from the SRB’s facebook page. check out the painting above josh’s head . . . how crazy talented is that?!

toro cover painting

3. this interview is my raison d’etre. that’s french for “reason why i started this blog.” not this exact interview, but interviews exactly this awesome. published in the west island chronicle, the interviewer is huntley addie, the life guard at the pool where sam took swimming lessons as a kid. sam talks about his childhood, his friends, his family. if interviews came with soundtracks, this one would be every part of me for sure.

4. did you know the SRB play the garage in london, england tomorrow? are you going?! could you? because you should. i really hope you do. please take lots of pictures, and post them all over the internet, because i live for that kinda thing. if there’s a miracle, i’ll be there. if there is not a miracle (things are not looking miraculous right now), this solo-sam acoustic version of let it in, filmed during sam and dave’s trip to london last year, definitely helps soothe the pain. 

5. it took me two (2) days of pre-sale fails for edmonton and calgary lo-fantasy tickets. maybe i cried, maybe i didn’t – it’s all a blur of impossible captchas and seats i lost ’cause i couldn’t read those impossible captchas. finally – FINALLY – on the  day of regular ol’ general sales, i scored good seats. 

everybody in edmonton loves the SRB as much as i do, so it’s no surprise everybody wants the best seats in the house for the SRB’s first not-a-festival show in three (long) years. if you think this is crazy, you obviously weren’t at the northern jubilee for the SRB’s collider show.  gig city went and and freaked out about it, calling the october 2011 show “one of the most amazing shows of the year,” and i totally agree. from one of the most amazing shows of 2011, here’s taj mahal.

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